Where Are All The Christians?

When I first came to Christ, one thing became very apparent to me that I had never seemed to notice before, and when I did it was shocking.

It was this:

There a lot more people claiming to be Christians than there are Christians.

I looked around for these types,

because I wanted to be a part of something.

Jesus had so totally invaded my life that I felt it was impossible to do anything else rather than give every part of me to Him,

but as I tried to locate my people,

they were hard to find.

Christ said that if anyone wanted to be His disciples, let them take up their cross and follow Him.

 But I only ever saw 2 people in my life dragging a cross down the sidewalk.

They were very clean cut boys, in pressed suits who knocked on my door a couple of times for a conversation.

But where were all the other Christians?

Sometimes I get down on myself because I just get so excited about this Jesus, and all that He has done for me and I want to tell everyone about it, but the looks on their faces say, “Slow down!”

So I slow down, and slow down, but I can’t shut up.

Where are all the Christians?

And I pull up outside of the gas station and I can tell that the attendant is sick with that same sickness I once had,

So we pray together,

And she says she understand,

 But I just don’t know, so I wonder…

Where are all the Christians?

And in all my waiting around for the other Christians, I find that I too have become one of the missing Christians.

I cannot be found, out in the streets.

I cannot be found, wailing the truth.

I cannot be found, pleading for those outside to just come in to taste and see that He is good.

No, no. I can’t.

Because I am here with all the other Christians.


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